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Styles of yoga
I am trained in and teach various styles of yoga ranging from Yin & Restorative to Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga. 

Each style has a different approach.. 

Yin/Restorative are slow, floor based practices in which we use props to support and hold the body, allowing deep release of tissues, fascia and muscles. You can enjoy this practice on Tuesday evenings in our Mellow Schmellow session.

Hatha is a blend of yoga styles, there will be more standing postures in this practice, with some simple sequencing. This practice helps build strength and mobility. You can enjoy this practice on a Wednesday evening. 

Flow is a stronger practice linking each pose in a flow sequence. This can be a strong practice with standing, balancing and floor based poses. You can enjoy this practice on a Saturday morning.

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Private Yoga

I work with individuals one to one, as well as working with couples, friends or small groups privately.

These sessions are tailored to the individual based and bespoke.

There are pricing options available and plans of 5 or 10 sessions come with discounts 

Yoga Pose Looking Up

Corporate Yoga

I work with local employers teaching yoga on a weekly basis. I also provide wellbeing services such as meditation, relaxation yoga and breathing techniques. 

Yoga Child's Pose
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