Experienced Yogi or dipping your toe in. Vinyasa, Flow, Sculpt, Hatha, there's a practice that's perfect for you. I teach online and studio classes in a number of locations, and would love to be part of your yoga journey.

Corporate sessions can be tailored to your needs and include any of the below, as well as mindfulness and meditation. Please get in touch for more info.





Vinyasa Yoga, a series of postures combined with mind-breath-movement

This practice incorporates Vinyasa flow style of yoga, which places strong emphasis on connecting the breath with the movement and mind. 
You will move dynamically from one posture into another, following the breath. This continuous flow of movement and breath generates a meditative state, encouraging you to let go of thought and focus on experience of the present moment. 

HDP Wide leg fwd bend colour.jpg


Want to sweat? This ones for you!

If you're looking for something that blends, weights, cardio and yoga, this is the one for you. This is a blended practice using free weights and our bodies to work it! It's a fun and upbeat practice, guaranteed to leave you feeling great for the rest of the day.

HDP Lunge B&W.jpg


A blended yoga style practice

Rather than being a style of yoga as such, Hatha describes any kind of yoga where poses (asanas) are practiced, this could include Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga to name a few.



Practice with nature in the open air

This is a small and intimate practice based outside. The practice itself can be Flow or Hatha and is always varied but accessible to all. It is a delight to practice out in the open and close to nature, leaving you refreshed & invigorated.

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The perfect way to set you up for your weekend

This yoga flow practice is the ideal way to get going. Working with your breath, intention and movement, you will create clarity and focus in your mind. This will leave you feeling nourished and invigorated, ready to take on the day.



Gooey melty gorgeousness

This is the ideal class to find some space, calmly soothe the mind and body and leave feeling nourished.  using restorative propped poses, focus is more on connection to the breath, using pranayama techniques and guided meditations. Does wonders for the mind, body and soul.