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Studio Hire

Welcome to our beautiful intimate studio, a serene oasis designed to nurture calm and tranquility. Whether you're a holistic practitioner seeking the perfect environment for group sessions or one-on-one consultations, our studio provides the ideal setting.

"The Smooth Cactus Space is a perfect combination of light, calm and safe, these were the 3 non-negotiables for me when I was looking for somewhere to hire for my Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing coaching business. Heather is so accommodating, she shows an interest in what I’m offering and has been very patient and flexible with the hours I’ve needed. The space is clean, fresh and homely and smells divine! My clients have commented on what a beautiful space it is and I feel proud to be offering my coaching sessions from there."

Why Book Our Studio?

Step into a haven of peace, where the gentle atmosphere supports relaxation and focus.

The studio's calming aura is perfect for meditation, yoga, and other holistic practices.

Versatile Space

Spanning approximately 300 sq ft, our studio is spacious yet intimate, accommodating various class sizes and formats.


Our studio accommodates group classes of up to 9 participants, while meditation or lying down events can host 10-12 people.


Our amenities include an on-site toilet for your convenience and there is also access to a kitchen for refreshements.


We offer extensive parking for you and your clients, and a nearby coffee shop for quick breaks or post-session refreshments.


"Smooth Cactus is a hidden gem! It is a beautiful, well curated space. It’s always immaculate and has a gorgeous inviting feel.

Well equipped with high standard pieces and has plenty of parking right outside. It’s a joy to teach in this space."

Other Perks

Our studio comes with a comprehensive range of equipment to enhance your sessions including:

  • Bolsters

  • Mats

  • Sandbags

  • Meditation cushions

  • Blocks

  • Bricks

  • Straps

  • Eye pillows

  • Blankets

First Time Booking?

First Time Booking?

If this is your first time booking please complete the form directly below and I will be in touch with the next steps.

 I can also arrange a viewing of the studio if needed. 

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